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Harry & Melissa Peart

2013 First Quarter Prayer Letter

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Dear Praying Friends,

When we were young and on deputation, we would listen to other missionaries and wish for the day that we could have interesting stories like theirs.  Living in a third world country can be quite comical and illuminating sometimes.  In this letter, I thought I would share with you some of the interesting things that we have been allowed to experience while serving in Haiti.

A few Sundays ago, at our church in Ba Guasimal, we noticed a cow head walking by.  Looking over the cactus, I could see the head of a cow going by, but it had the body of a woman.  No it was not a Minotaur; it was a lady with the head of a cow in a big bowl on top of her head.  We all, even the Haitians, just took some time to laugh at that one.  Both church plants are growing.  New Life Baptist Church is seeing tremendous growth in both numbers and faith.  Each Sunday the church is full; in May, several people will take steps of growth to either be baptized or married.  Good News Baptist Church will hold its second annual Missions Conference in April.  They have been faithfully supporting missions since last May.  We are in the process of finding land with a good title with plans to build sometime next year.

During construction of the guest house, I noticed another strange occurrence.  All of the men who were covered from head to toe with concrete were getting sour oranges off of the tree.  I thought they were thirsty until I saw them rubbing their skin with the oranges.  Apparently the acid in the oranges gets the concrete off so that it does not burn their skin.  The first floor of the guest house should be complete by the end of April in plenty of time for our summer teams and any interns.  If you would like to give to help complete this project, or if you know of anyone who might be interested in a practical summer internship program, please contact us via email.

Also, did you know that drinking a whole hot Coke is good for stomach problems?  Have you ever almost been hit by a motorcycle carrying a coffin?  Have you ever had baby born in the bed of your truck?  Did the business manager at the hospital ask for a list of all of your assets before determining the price of your surgical procedure?  Have you ever offered the children in Sunday School a mouse instead of a candy for being good (language mix-up)?  Did you know that if you rub your hands with oil before cutting plantains, it won’t stain your hands?  Did you even know that all kinds of bananas when cut from the tree can leave a red stain?  Oh, and by the way, never stand under a coconut tree.  It is life threatening!

I hope you have enjoyed learning some of the things that we experience on a daily basis here in Haiti.  One thing is certain; life is never dull or boring.  As always, we covet your prayers and support for the daily spiritual battle that we face here.  Satan is always looking for a way to destroy.  Please pray that we would stay close to the Lord each and every day.

Harry, Melissa, Benjamin, Madelyn, Micah, and Bethany Peart


  • Good      Health
  • Souls      that were Saved
  • Extra      Financial Gifts for the Guest House

Prayer Requests

  • Safety      and Health
  • Souls      to be Saved
  • Church      Building Funds
  • A New      Vehicle for our Family

From the Kids

Benjamin (13) – I am finally taller than Mom and in a size 11 shoe.

Madelyn (12) – I love teaching Sunday school and playing the flute.

Micah (9) – I want to learn to play the piano, trumpet, guitar, and harmonica.

Bethany (7) – I’m learning lots of Creole from Se Lovely in Creole class.

Block by Block

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Churches, Schools and all the “Rest”

Things have been busy here in our part of Haiti.  We had our 3rd anniversary celebration at our church in Ba Guacimal in October.  In November the construction team came to get started on the Mission Team Guest House.  As soon as the team left we had a stomach flu that went through our household and put us out of commision for a week, but we were up and going after that.  School exams finished on the 21st of December and Christmas Vacation was on.  We have used the time off from school to do some extra things around the house and to plan for the upcoming events of 2013.

For the upcoming year we have chosen 2Cor. 9:15 for our theme verse at Good News Baptist Church.

Thanks be unto God for his unspeakable gift.

God has been so good to us and our people at the church.  No one was injured in the earthquake in 2010.  No one died from the cholera outbreak in 2011 and they have had several blessings over 2012.  God is so good and we need to thank Him more!

3rd Anniversary Celebration

This past Sunday (October 21, 2012) We celebrated our third anniversary at Good News Baptist Church in Ba Guacimal, Haiti.  There was singing and preaching and food afterwards.  We started this church with a handful of people from our first church plant on the other side of the river.  Now we are running 40 to 50 faithful each Sunday.  We are praying that the Lord would provide the money to build a building soon.


We want to welcome you to our new website.  Thank you for visiting the website for the Peart Family.

2012 September

Dear Praying Friends,

Progress!! Progress!! Progress!! As we returned to Haiti this past week, we were amazed (and pleasantly surprised) at the progress that the country is making. We landed on the runway at the airport in Cap Haitian and saw that they are expanding the airport to allow commercial jets to be able to fly into the North. We were then met in the newly painted and remodeled airport (with air conditioning!) by the Haiti Bureau of Tourism, complete with brochures about visiting Haiti. After leaving the airport to head home, we had to stop at a new “lumiere wouj” (red light) at the intersection; it was right next to the new solar powered street lights. Our ride up the mountain was a lot smoother due to the grading that was done; drainage ditches are being dug in preparations for paving the road up the side of the mountain. “Wow,” we said, “our life is going to be much easier in just a few more years when all of this progress is completed!”

But the Lord had another, even bigger surprise for us when we left to go to church Sunday morning. The government had graded and put rocks all the way out to the river. Our forty-five minute trip of bumping and banging to go to church turned into a twenty minute pretty smooth ride! We were driving 30 mph out to church, and we even got out of first gear!!! Praise the Lord!!!Before coming back home to Haiti, we had discussed the need and desire for our entire family to be more involved at the church, but did not know how it would be possible with the condition of the roads. God answered our prayers before we even prayed them.

Please pray for us this term as we are seeking to make much progress ourselves in our ministries here. Harry would like to write some curricula on topics related to the church to be used in our Christian schools. Melissa would like to begin the children’s Bible Clubs and a ladies’ Bible study at the new church. We are also working toward developing a 6-8 week internship program which would give missions students and future missionaries hands-on, practical training in areas such as small engine repair, construction, etc. This past July, one of our supporting pastors approached us about wanting to build a guest house here on the property. This has been a desire of ours as well as the Bowers for a long time. We are planning for work teams to come in November and January. Please contact us if you are interested in coming on a team to help build or in helping financially with this project.

The Bible says in Proverbs 29:18 that “Where there is no vision the people perish” Please pray with us that our vision for progress in our ministries would be in line with what God would have for us to do here. Our progress here is a direct result of your prayers and financial gifts. Thank you so much!

Harry, Melissa, Benjamin, Madelyn, Micah, and Bethany Peart

If you would like to download a .pdf of this prayer letter, click here.

2012 June

Dear Praying Friends,

Recently, we were privileged to hear a young man at our home church preach on the benefits of salvation. As he was preaching, we were reminded of how evident these benefits have been in our lives and in our ministry in Haiti.

Benefit #1:  The Protection of God We praise the Lord for his protection in Haiti over the past few months. The months of March, April, and May kept us busy with three groups of visitors, several special services, field days, teacher appreciation days, harvest festivals, a Haitian wedding, and our first missions conference. Because our church is across the river, we continually prayed for no rain, even though it was the rainy season. But the Lord seemed to say, “How far will you go to serve me?” I and the visiting missionaries waded through the river, traipsed through mud, and even preached barefoot to insure that the missions conference went forward. Our church members began to get a bigger world view and an increased burden for missions. They decided that the last Sunday of each month would be set aside to emphasize missions and to take up a special offering for missionaries. Our little Haitian church, which averages about 50 people on Sunday morning (20 adults, only about 3 men), took up enough money to print 21½ Bibles for people who have no Bible in their own language. We are praying that this will be the first step in changing our church members’ attitudes towards giving to others. We are also praying for the time that we at Good News Baptist Church in Ba Guasimal, Haiti can send out its own missionary.

Benefit #2:  The Peace of God For over a year now, we have been asking prayers for our youngest son Micah who was diagnosed with pseudo tumor cerebrai. At the end of May, we had to return to the States for Micah to see the ophthalmologist and the pediatric neurologist in order to determine if his condition had improved or deteriorated. Both doctors were very pleased at how he had responded to the medicine. The neurologist has begun to decrease his medicine every four weeks, hoping that he has outgrown the condition. Throughout this past year, in times of worry and stress over Micah, God has given us that peace that passes all understanding that He is in control of all things. Thank you for your prayers for him.

Benefit #3:  The Privilege of Being an Ambassador for Jesus Over the past few months, the Lord has brought us to the point where we are truly thankful for the privilege it is to be a missionary. We are not only ambassadors for Jesus, but we are also your ambassadors to Haiti, doing what many of you cannot do. Thank you for your prayers, support, and for the privilege it is to serve hand in hand to reach Haitians with the gospel so that they too can enjoy the benefits of salvation. Please pray for us as we prepare to return to Haiti in August.

Harry, Melissa, Benjamin, Madelyn, Micah, and Bethany Peart

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2012 December

Dear Praying Friends,

As I was thinking about this Christmas season, I was reminded of Luke 2:7 which says, “And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger; because there was no room for them in the inn.” I was imagining how difficult it must have been for Mary to realize that she was ready to deliver her baby, but that she had no place where she could do so. This thought reminded me of three things:

First of all, I am thankful for our place of service in Haiti. New Life Baptist Church is flourishing under our national pastor with an abundance of young people in their places ready to serve the Lord. Recently, over thirty church members memorized eighteen verses to receive Bibles. Good News Baptist Church, our new church plant across the river, is learning the place of missions in the local church. While waiting for the Lord to provide funding for a place of worship, they recently sent over $75 US to help support a missionary in Italy. Our Christian schools have begun well with over 300 children in their place of learning every day.

Secondly, I am thankful for the recent gifts which have enabled the beginning construction on our guest house – a place where others can serve. This guest house will not only house mission teams, but it will also be a vital part of an on-site, hands-on, missionary internship program that we are planning to begin this summer. This program will give future missionaries a place to train in practical courses such as auto mechanics, small engine repair, solar energy, and even basic medical and dentistry. Please pray about the funds to finish the guest house and the preparations of this very needed internship program.

Thirdly, I am thankful that many years ago I gave Jesus a place in my heart. Many people today are so busy trying to fill the void in their lives with relationships, wealth, or a myriad of other things. They do not realize that the void that they feel is in the shape of a cross, and no one but Jesus can fill it. If you have not already done so, this Christmas season give Jesus a place in your life. Of course, for us as Christians, the challenge daily is to give Christ first place in our lives. All of the work and time that we put into our ministries is for nothing if Christ does not have first place. Please pray for us here in Haiti that we would concentrate more on who we are for Christ instead of getting caught up in the busyness of doing for Christ.

As always, we are thankful for your place of partnership in our ministry in Haiti. We are powerless without your prayers, support and encouragement. Thank you for allowing us to serve on your behalf.

Serving where God has placed us,

Harry, Melissa, Benjamin, Madelyn, Micah and Bethany Peart

If you would like to download a .pdf of this prayer letter, click here.