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Many times in the Bible we see where before a great battle or great work, God calls his people to a season of preparation.  Noah took 120 years to prepare the ark and the people for the flood.  Gideon had a time of preparation and choosing of men to go and fight with him.  Even the time spent traveling from Egypt was preparation for the children of Israel to enter the Promised Land.

This summer will be a summer of preparation for many things in our ministry.  First of all, we will be praying and preparing for our new church plant.  God has not yet given us clear direction as to when and where to begin evangelism for the new church.  Please help us pray about this.  In the meantime, I am traveling to different churches in the area, presenting the concept of World Missions to Haitian pastors and churches.  Please pray that God would go before me and prepare the hearts of the pastors and people to receive the call of the church for the Great Commission.

This summer we will also be preparing places for all of the school furniture and supplies that arrived on the container.  A special thank you to Pastor William Cole and Faith Baptist Church in Laurens for their generous donation of supplies for our schools and to all those who prayed, gave, and helped to pack the container.  We have barely made a dent in organizing and placing all of these items where they belong.  Blackboards still need to be hung, furniture and supplies still need to be arranged and put together, and it all needs to be put in its proper place for next school year.

This summer we will also be preparing people to serve.  One of the biggest blessings that we saw was that while we were away for the short time this spring, the Haitian people we have trained were able to carry on without our being here.  That requires preparation in advance.  We will again be having sign language classes for the hearing as well as a deaf camp.  Melissa will be working on yearly lesson plans for the deaf school which incorporate teaching sign language into the normal Haitian curriculum as well as working with the deaf Sunday school class and its teachers.  We will also be hosting several American visitors who are seeking God’s will in different areas of their lives.  Pray that we can be a blessing and a help to them.

It has been said that by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.  Many times we get caught up in the busyness of activity that we leave no time for good preparation, and as a result, our activity is not as successful as it could have been.  Please pray with us this summer as we make many preparations for new ministries and changes in our current ministries.  Please pray that we would follow the Lord’s leading in our preparations so that all would be successful for His honor and His glory and many souls would come to know Him.

Serving Jesus,

Harry, Melissa, Benjamin, Madelyn, Micah, and Bethany Peart