The Peart Family News

June 2016

Dear Praying Friends,

Recently after teaching the children about the armor of God, Madelyn put on the makeshift “armor” that she used for her lesson – a plastic helmet and breastplate, her brother’s belt, and rain boots – and posed for a picture.  We joked that she was trying to set a new fashion trend.  But just one week later, after several days of heavy spiritual oppression, we were jolted back into reality.  The reality is that daily we are in the midst of a fierce battle with Satan, and the stakes are too high to give up.  When David saw Goliath, he asked a simple question about the battle, “Is there not a cause?”

The first cause that we fight for is the Cause of Winning Lost Souls.  Recently we had our Faith Promise Missions Conference where our church increased their missions giving by 53%.  For the next five weeks, we will be stretching our physical selves to the limit in order to have Vacation Bible Schools, a Children’s Crusade, and a Deaf Camp.  We will also host an audiologist who will visit to test the hearing for our deaf.  Why put forth all of the effort, and why is Satan fighting so hard against everything we are planning?  Because there is the possibility that one lost soul will hear the gospel, and a life will be changed forever.

The second cause that we fight for is the Cause of Making Disciples.  Our work must continue after we are gone.  June not only brings the end of school for almost 400 students in our three Christian schools, but June will also bring the completion of the new church building.  We will also host our first intern who will be coming to learn about life on the mission field.  Three weeks of sign language classes for the hearing will hopefully burden several Haitian men and women to work with the deaf.  A Marriage Seminar in July will strengthen the homes of our church people.  Why put our time and energy into the lives of these people, and why is Satan attacking us spiritually, physically, and emotionally?  Because there is the possibility that just one of these disciples will carry forth the work in the future.

But perhaps the greatest cause that we fight for is the Cause of Bringing Glory to God.  David stood before Goliath and fought with one purpose, “that all the earth may know that there is a God in Israel.”  We too want to continue to fight the battle, no matter the cost, in a way that men would see our good works and glorify, not the Pearts, but the God of Heaven who saved us by His grace.

This prayer letter is a plea for prayer for physical, spiritual, and emotional strength for the battles that are sure to come in the weeks ahead as we endeavor to fight for the Cause of Christ.  But praise the Lord that we can go, by faith, with God’s sure and steadfast promise found in Deuteronomy 3:22, “Ye shall not fear them; for the Lord your God, He shall fight for you!”


  • Souls Saved
  • Walls of Church Finished
  • Baptized 3 Young Men
  • God’s Daily Grace and Strength
  • Increased Faith Promise Giving
  • Funds Provided for Completion of the Church


Prayer Requests

  • Safety and Health
  • Political Stability during Haiti’s Interim Government
  • Souls to be Saved
  • Wisdom and Direction in the Ministry
  • Benjamin as he works at the Bill Rice Ranch this summer
  • Daily spiritual, physical, and emotional strength

Fighting for His Cause,

Harry, Melissa, Benjamin, Madelyn, Micah, and Bethany Peart

Spiritual GrowthJesus said in Mathew 16:18 “I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” This is definitely the case in Haiti.  Both in our church plants and the church plants of our co-workers we can see growth.  We praise the Lord for His faithfulness.

We recently had three young men baptized in Good News Baptist Church.  These young men will hopefully one day be leaders in the church.

Annual Missions Conference in Haiti

Pastor Andrew Carrigan along with his wife and another couple from his church came to preach for our annual missions conference. It was a great conference, and God moved on the hearts of the people in that they increased their faith promise giving by over 50%!  To God be the Glory!!

Physical Growth

Another blessing is that we had our first service in the new building, at least in the walls and the floor of it.  We have tied tarps between the walls so we can continue to meet in the new location.  We have plans to put the roof on the building at the end of June, Lord willing.

Pray that God will supply the need.How You Can Help 

  • Pray for laborers

We need many people to pray that God will meet the needs of money, construction team members, safety during the work, and His continued blessings on the work.

  • Give to the construction fund.

We need an additional $3600 to complete the project.

  • Come alongside us and help with the construction team.    A team will be coming to Haiti during late June or early July to finish the church.  If you are interested in joining the construction team, please let us know.

Deaf Outreach 2016

There is no official population count as to how many deaf people are in Haiti, but some research shows that the number is anywhere from 18,000 to 93,000. The Voodoo religion, coupled together with the lack of education, especially about genetics and disease, causes many Haitians to think that a disability is the result of some type of judgment. For example, in our area a baby was born with albinism. The little girl’s relatives said that it was a curse from God because her mother hates white people. Now they all see the baby as something evil. Likewise, over the 9 years we have been in Haiti we have heard of handicapped children being denied medical treatment because they are viewed as worthless and as a drain on the family income. Many times children with disabilities are kept hidden from people because the family is embarrassed. This is one reason it is difficult to get an accurate count of people with disabilities. After spending time in the outlying areas of where we live, we have located some deaf individuals. The sad thing is that these children and adults are referred to as simply “deaf person” and rarely does anyone use their name in referring to them. One lady had to look at the birth certificate to remember her nephew’s name (both parents were deceased and he lives with his aunt).

The Bible says in John 3:16, “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” Notice that he did not stipulate only the healthy ones.
For several years God has been increasing our burden to reach out to the deaf in our area of Haiti.
This past Wednesday my family and I began a deaf outreach in our community. We had 14 deaf people come to our first class. Several came with hearing family members. None of them had any training nor did any of them know anything about sign language. All of them have crude hand gestures that their families use to somewhat communicate with them. We began by giving all of them a sign name. After that we taught them the numbers 1 through 10 and the signs for different animals that are common here in Haiti like chicken, goat, cow, etc. By the end of the 4 hour class it was amazing to see the “light come on” look when they realized that we were talking to them directly with their sign name. My wife signed “Henry Claude stand up.” And he stood with pride and a sense of worth.

Pray for us as we go forth in this new ministry. Just like with a child, we have to start with the basics. It is our goal for them to be able to read and write with the ultimate goal of sharing the gospel with them and see them trust Christ as their personal Savior.

September 2015

Dear Praying Friends,


The goal of every missionary is to work himself out of a job. We work to teach and train nationals to do the work of the church so that the church can function independent of the missionary. As I sat in the first church service after our return to Haiti, the thought that kept passing through my mind was, “I am no longer needed here.” In honor of our return from furlough the church had planned a “Happiness Festival.” They had purchased decorations, planned a big service with special activities, and invited lost people to come. In our absence, the young ladies had faithfully taught my wife’s Children’s Sunday School class, the church had continued their missions support, and four people were waiting to talk to me so they could join the church. The church had grown, instead of diminishing while we were gone. My flesh felt useless, but my spirit felt an overwhelming sense of joy in the church leaders and members. I could see that their faithfulness and service was to God and not to me.

Our return to Haiti has been a busy but smooth one. After we climbed out from under all of the dust, dead bugs, and boxes in our house, we began the 7-day countdown to the Teacher Training Week and the 14-day countdown to begin school (as well as add in the Child Sponsorship sign-ups and 2 preschool graduations). The Teacher Training Week was a success, with 40 teachers in attendance each day. This is always a tremendous opportunity to give not only our teachers, but also teachers in the community, Christian teaching principles that they can apply in their classrooms. Thank you to all who donated supplies and time to make this possible. School will begin September 28th with over 300 children in attendance in both schools. Please pray for these children as they hear the Gospel and solid Bible doctrine taught daily.

The second Sunday in October we will celebrate the 6th anniversary of Good News Baptist Church. We are thankful to be able to announce to the church that thanks to a generous gift from an anonymous donor we will be able to begin the foundation of a new church building. Please pray that God would direct in every aspect of this building project.

Thank you for praying for wisdom and safety about our return to Haiti. Although we had to delay our return, God used that time in the States for a time of true “furlough” as we visited with friends and family and took some much needed rest before returning. Things have been calm since our return, but are expected to get more turbulent as the October 25th presidential election date approaches. Please pray for stability in the country.

Thank you for partnering with us in every avenue of this ministry. It was such a blessing to see how the Lord answered every need mentioned in our last letter. His answers are a direct result of your prayers and your financial gifts. Thank you all so much for all that you do to help and encourage us.

Now, it is time to get back to work – working ourselves right out of a job!!!


Harry, Melissa, Benjamin, Madelyn, Micah, and Bethany Peart

3rd Quarter Update

Dear Praying Friends,

     Many people have a different idea about missionaries and missions. They think that missions is all about preaching to the people to which you minister. That idea is true in part; our ultimate goal in all that we do is to bring glory to God by carrying out His Great Commission. But the practical application of carrying out the Great Commission is evident in many forms throughout our different ministries here in Haiti.

    The foundation for all of our activities to carry out the Great Commission is the local church. We praise the Lord for being able to hold an adult conference in June where over 40 adults were encouraged to raise the Christian standard in their homes. This past August, the theme for our children’s VBS was “Victory Over Satan.” Seventeen children gained victory in their lives by accepting Christ as their Savior.

But many times the application of the Great Commission comes in meeting a person’s physical needs, especially when you live in the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. A short term missionary who worked with us started vitamin clinics which we now help to continue. In August, three mothers in the pre-natal vitamin clinic came to know Christ.

    Other times the application of the Great Commission comes by meeting a person’s educational needs. One of our ministries here in Haiti is the Christian school ministry. This coming year we will have the opportunity to provide a Christian education to close to 400 students. Last week we had the privilege of sharing good, solid principles of Christian education with over 60 teachers from 14 different schools in town. There was a young mother who would never attend church, but she came to our preschool graduation in June. After hearing the gospel during the graduation, she accepted Christ and has not missed one service since.

    But one of the most exciting applications of the Great Commission involves you, our supporters. Over the past 8 years, we have hosted 25 teams from supporting churches. In every case, people have left Haiti with a greater burden for missions. Their churches get a greater vision for the lost, not only around the world, but also in their hometown. One of our supporting churches now has specific ministries that it has begun and supports here in Haiti. Why do all of these things happen? One short-term missionary summed it up when she said, “I think that the reason all of these ministries are so successful is because in everything you do you give out the gospel. Whether it is giving out vitamins or passing out tracts, the gospel comes first.” Time is short and people are dying and going to Hell, so let’s get busy applying the Great Commission in every way possible.


Carrying forth the Gospel of Jesus Christ,

Harry, Melissa, Benjamin, Madelyn, Micah, and Bethany Peart

Faith Promise Missions from Haiti!

It is a joy to be able to tell you how much God has blessed the work here in Haiti in the past few months. Since holding our Teen Camp in February, we have seen a movement of the hand of God among the young people at our church. They have been regularly attending Sunday school, going out on weekly visitation, and memorizing verses to receive Bibles and song books.

We recently had our 3rd Annual Faith Promise Missions Conference at Eglise Baptist Bon Nouvel in Bas Guacimal, Haiti. A team from Lighthouse Baptist Church in Benson, NC came. Pastor Tim bass along with Pastor Richard Maxime (a Haitian national church planter from near Port de Paix, Haiti) preached, and it was a tremendous time of encouragement and challenge. We exceeded our goal from last year and increased our Faith Promise goal for this year. With this we were able to take on our third missionary for bi-monthly support.

Pastor Bass preached from Psalm 34:8, the Haitians in our church were able to taste M&Ms for the first time, as he related it to how we need to share the good news of how good God is with those who have never experienced the goodness of Salvation through Jesus Christ.

In a recent email to a friend I had this to say about the goodness of God.

“God IS so very good! Doesn’t it seem inadequate to try and describe how good God is? I think we are going to have to have a new language in heaven to really describe the goodness and beautifulness of God when we see Him face to face. In Revelation 5 the Bible says we will sing a new song in Heaven. The longer I live and the more things I see God do, I realize how inadequate my mouth and my life are to praise God!”

Truly God is better to us all than we deserve. I deserve Hell, but God, through His Son Jesus Christ, gave me salvation and a future home in Heaven. Many times I hear people say to us that we are making a sacrifice to leave the USA and go to Haiti. There is some truth to this statement, but when we compare our “sacrifice” to what Jesus gave up to come to this earth and to live and to die a horrible death on the cross, we have yet to begin making any kind of sacrifice at all.

Thank you for your prayers and support for the ministry here in Haiti. Please keep up the prayers! Some of you have sent in extra financial gifts to make up for some lost support not knowing of the need because we never mentioned it. Because of the prayers of the saints, God has nudged some of you to send extra funds here and there or to send a one-time gift. It is through your prayers that God has provided and will continue to provide for some larger needs we have at present. Thank you again for all of your support for the ministry.

January 2014 – March 2014 Prayer Letter

Praying Friends,

    Riding out to church last week, I noticed that the gardens here are all green with vegetables that are growing well. We have already canned tomatoes and enjoyed fresh green beans and fried okra. Haitians have put much work into a garden to insure a bountiful harvest. Likewise, our church plants and ministries here are in different stages of growth. Just like a tender plant in a garden, they each need special care from us as missionaries.

    Any successful garden begins with careful Preparation of the soil. We are especially thankful for those of you who labor with us in prayer. It is this labor of prayer that helps to prepare our hearts and minds, as well as the hearts of our people, to carry out the great commission.

    After the soil is prepared, then the Planting begins. Over the past three months, the Lord has given us much fruit in our evangelism outreaches. We have also had the opportunity to encourage the seminary students to begin planting the seed in a difficult area known as Lalom. Please pray that the Lord would burden one of these students to go work in this area which is hard for us as missionaries to reach both physically and spiritually.

    All new seeds need Water and Sunlight to grow. Every day in our Christian schools our little sprouts are faithfully given the Water and Light of the Word of God. The Lord continues to remind us of how important this ministry is in order to raise up godly teens and adults. The government is now offering free primary school education here. We are praying that more of our children will be sponsored through our child sponsorship program so that the parents will not place their children in the public schools. This past Sunday, our church was filled for Sunday school with over 80 people present. After four years of faithful watering through Sunday school, weekly Bible studies and evangelism, and regular church services, we are finally seeing some strong plants with solid roots in our new church.

    A good garden also needs periodic Fertilizing. Our teens were given a boost of spiritual nourishment recently at the teen camp that we held during Mardi Gras. Forty teens from both of our church plants came together for games, services, and food. They were encouraged spiritually, and many of them made decisions to surrender their lives to serve the Lord. Please pray that these teens will remember their commitments and stay faithful to the Lord.

    Healthy gardens also need Weeding and Spraying for insects. Our church plant is now to the point of challenging the people on a deeper level of sanctification. Please pray that the people will respond to the work of the Holy Spirit in their lives.

    All gardeners look forward to Harvest Day. We too are looking forward to the day when we can stand before the Lord in worship and adoration alongside the Haitian people in whom we have invested our lives. Because of your prayers and financial support, you too have a part in this great harvest.


Laboring together with you in God’s harvest,

Harry, Melissa, Benjamin, Madelyn, Micah, and Bethany Peart

June 2013 – August 2013 Prayer Letter


Dear Praying Friends,


When I wrote our last prayer letter about our roller coaster of faith, I never would have imagined the thrill (and scare) of the adventures the Lord had planned for us when we returned to Haiti.

Adventure #1: “The Goliath” Returning in August gave us just a little over a month to fit in all that we had planned to do in the summer. All of the building maintenance, grounds keeping, and truck repairs seemed like an impossible task to complete before school began. Through the Lord’s strength and the help of many Haitians and co-workers the Maranatha campus will be ready for school to open September 30.

Adventure #2: “The Ferris Wheel” On a Ferris wheel you can see everywhere you have been and everywhere you are going. We came back knowing that all 39 of our sixth graders had passed their national exam. This was a true encouragement and motivation for us because this was the first class that had attended our school for all 1st through 6th grades. This year we are adding a preschool as well as implementing an English class for all of our grades. We also had an experienced teacher come from the States to teach in our teacher training week. Fifty-four teachers from fifteen different schools in our area attended classes on Christian philosophy of education, discipline in the classroom, how to evangelize parents, and using manipulatives in teaching. They also left with a bag full of supplies to help enhance their teaching.

Adventure #3: “The Scrambler” Upon seeing all that needed to be done, we decided to go to the market on the border of the Dominican Republic to try to save money on supplies. While shopping, we were mugged. No one was hurt, but we did lose the money that we had brought with us for supplies. Adventure #4: “The Carousel” Praise the Lord things at both church plants are continuing without scares or distresses. Both church plants are growing as the result of evangelism, youth meetings, ladies Bible studies, and Bible memorization programs. By faith, we are going to begin building at the new church plant in January “mach pa mach” or little by little. The Lord continues to remind us that a growing church has growing people, not just growing buildings.

The Adventure #5: “The Swings” In the midst of a hot day at the park, the ride on the swings gives you a cool breeze. We were able to experience the Lord’s cool breeze of encouragement as we passed out 250 Spanish Bible story CD’s provided by Comforting Mercies Ministries to the UN battalion from Chile stationed in Cap Haitian. While there, we met Alex whose face lit up when he understood that we were Baptists. He proudly proclaimed that he was a soldier of Christ. Please pray that these CD’s will be a witness to these men while they are stationed here as well as to their families in Chile when they return home.

What adventure does the Lord have for us next? We do not know. But we do know that whatever it is, He will be there to give strength, protection, help, and provisions. Why can we have such confidence? Because we know that we have faithful people like you who are praying and standing in the gap on our behalf. Thank you so much!!!

Harry, Melissa, Benjamin, Madelyn, Micah, and Bethany Peart


 Good Health

 Good Report from Micah’s and Bethany’s Doctors

 Souls that were Saved

 The Lord’s Protection

 100% Passing Rate for our 6th Graders


Prayer Requests

Safety and Health

 Souls to be Saved

 Five New Men to be Added to the Church in 2013

 Spiritual Strength to Battle the Demonic Activity

 Funds to Build the Church in Jan. 2014

 *Provision of Another Vehicle in Haiti Big Enough for our Family

Back Home in Haiti

                We flew into Haiti a week ago and life has been non-stop since we arrived.  We praise the Lord for safe travels to Florida and a smooth transition back into our life and ministry here in Haiti.  Even though it has been very hot, it sure felt good to sleep in our own bed.

                The ministries have been going well even in our absence.  We praise the Lord that all 39 of our sixth graders passed the national exam to go to the seventh grade.  We are now getting ready for the new school year which will begin the last Monday in September.

The most exciting part of our trip back to Haiti was being able to hold services with our Haitian brothers and sisters at Good News Baptist Church.  This past Sunday, we had three young people come forward to accept the Lord. 

Thank you all for your prayers and support of our family this past summer.  We are glad to be healthy and back at home.

We Appreciate You!

We really appreciate everyone for your prayers and financial support.

The Pearts